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Budget Season

Training Opportunities

BIAS 2-Part Blitz Series
with Chad Greif

“Call to Budget” 
Start your budget process off on the right foot by learning about the tools that BIAS can easily provide you to ensure a smooth budget process.  We’ll show you an effective way to launch your budget process and disseminate useful financial information to your decision-makers.  Then see how to compile that information into a recommended format that can be provided to your Chief Administrative Officer.   This Blitz will help you understand the statutory timeline you are to follow, the information you need to provide, and where you can find additional help and tools.“Managing Your Way Through the Budget Process” 
Join us for Part 2 of our Budget Blitz Series to better understand the detailed requirements necessary in running an effective and efficient budget process.  Once you’ve delivered your Proposed Preliminary Budget to your Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) what comes next?  We’ll walk you through the state-mandated timeline so you’ll understand not only your responsibilities but those of your CAO and legislative body all the way through to loading and finalizing your ordinance-approved budget in BIAS.  Come see how BIAS can help streamline your budget process and point you towards success!

AWC Municipal Budgeting & Fiscal Management Workshop

Every July | Leavenworth, WA 

A city’s budget document is one of the most important documents you have. It’s more than a bunch of numbers – it’s your primary tool for prioritizing and addressing your community’s needs. This annual workshop is designed to give both novice and expert budgeters the skills to enhance their budget document by weaving in performance measures, understanding how to spot red flags early, and engaging citizens so city priorities reflect the greater community.

BIAS Resources (BIAS KB & Videos)

Budget Blitz Videos
Call to Budget
Building Preliminary Budget

Other Videos
Create New Year
Enter Proposed Budget
Budget Proposal Report

Knowledge Base (KB) Resources
BIAS Budget Guide
Budget Checklist

Other Resources (Docs by MRSC)

2019 Budget Suggestions Comprehensive budget guide with pertinent information on legislation that may affect your budget.
2019 Calendar Guide
2019 Budget Calendar Download – Cities and Counties Good as a guide for special purpose districts.
Glossary of Budget Terms
Budget Assessment Document
Budget Ordinance Sample
Budget Call Letter Sample
Budget Message Sample
Budget Preparation Procedures