Annual Report Season

Training Opportunities

BIAS Annual Report Program Sign-up

  1. Pre-care – Assessment of financial data.
  2. Annual Report Workshop – Entities data is installed on BIAS laptops for work within the class.
  3. Aftercare – Assistance with filing reports with WA SAO.

WA State Auditor Training
BARS Cash Class
The BARS Cash Basis class is an interactive session that includes lecture, exercises, discussion and small group activities.  Whether this is your first BARS class or the next in a long string of them, get ready for a new experience!   More info.

Online Filing Workshops
These workshops are designed to help local governments file their annual financial reports, and to meet the statutory requirement of submitting the report within 150 days of the close of their fiscal year.  New this year, laptops will be available at the trainings for participants to use.  If you are interested in this option, please select a one-hour time slot for an appointment with a Local Government Support Specialist when you register.  If you bring the materials you need to file your report, you may be able to complete and file during your appointment. More Info

BIAS Software Training
5-Part Annual Report Blitz 

Part 1 – Getting Started on Your Annual Report
Details: What’s New, BIAS Resources, Data Preparation (in BIAS)

Part 2 – Schedule 1 – Financials
Details: Common BARS Mistakes, Finding Correct Codes Easier, Correcting Codes (in BIAS)

Part 3 – Schedule 9 – Debt
Details: Compensated Absences, Pension Liability (264.30), Other Tips for a Successful Schedule

Part 4 – Schedule 15 & 16 – Grant Management
Details: Reviewing Your Grants and Grantors, Expenses by Funding Source, 13th Month for Grant Revenue, Manual Entries

Part 5 – Footnotes & Wrapping up
Details: BIAS Footnote Templates by Entity, Drafting Your Footnotes, Other Audit Schedules (7 and 11), Audit Proofing Your Annual Report

Annual Report Program – Register

Pre-care – Assessment of financial data
Annual Report Workshop – Entities data is installed on BIAS laptops for work within the class.
Aftercare – Assistance with completing and filing reports on the WA SAO website.

Program Requirement:
Must have transaction information in BIAS for the reporting year.
Must have cash reconciled to bank and/or county for the reporting year.

BIAS Resources (BIAS KB & Videos)

Annual Report Blitz Videos – Login Required

Annual Report Prep – Fund Presentation
Annual Report Prep – Cash Reconciliation Check

Knowledge Base (KB) Resources – Login Required

Annual Reporting Guide
Annual Report Checklist – Districts
Annual Report Checklist – Cities

Other Resources

BIAS Complete your Annual Report

BIAS can with your assistance complete your annual report for you. BIAS will prepare all schedules and notes to your financials. To inquire about this options please send an email request to