Permitting Software

Building Permits

Building Permits

With BIAS Permitting, you can manage all your permitting and planning requirements from one database.

BIAS Permitting and Planning allows the user to manage all building permits from one screen, and it fully integrates with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, document storage software, and GIS.

Depending on your city’s specific needs, permitting options can be customized without additional programming. Every permit and planning document is tracked by the parcel number, regardless of the current owner.

BIAS Permitting and Planning includes:

  • Parcel integration
  • Census tracking
  • GIS interface
  • And more!

Additional Modules

BIAS Permitting includes the following modules for more sophisticated entities. Click on the module to learn more.

Permit Management

The Permit Management module lets you track reviews, monitoring, reporting, and follow-up actions required for an organization to maintain compliance with specific requirements.

Parcel Management

The Parcel Management module lets you keep track of parcels by number regardless of the current owner. See everything related to the parcel in one place, including a complete parcel history.

Permit Financial Integration

The Permit Financial Integration module lets you create permits and invoices. Pertinent information flows automatically to the correct department. This integrated system increases the accuracy of your permitting department and reduces opportunities for fraudulent activity.

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"I have only been on BIAS Version 6 about a month now and I LOVE it. Excellent improvements. I keep finding new jewels each day. The manual is very well done too. When I can’t work my way through something the manual has it all laid out. Good job!"

Annie Pillars
Town of Garfield

"Switching to BIAS has greatly increased the efficiency in City Hall. We use less paper, we are able to better utilize the reports we print, and we are able to provide additional services to our customers. If we encounter a problem, the BIAS staff is always available to help. BIAS is knowledgeable of current state requirements, assuring us our system is updated to meet these changes. An added benefit is BIAS’ ability to adapt the software to meet Benton City’s needs. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Benton City’s decision to switch to BIAS."

Stephanie Hoegh
Finance Director
City of Benton City

"I cannot imagine doing my job without the help, support and jokes from the entire BIAS Software team. Their positive attitudes, patience, and overall support help make my job less stressful and easier to get through the day!! I love their classes are a tremendous help, also!"

Peggy Mangis
Clerk Treasurer
City of Spangle

"It's been almost four years now since we converted to BIAS Financial Accounting software here at the City of Othello, and I'm still convinced it's one of the best decisions I've made. As an example just recently I decided to tune in to the Blitz training on April 5th regarding Annual Reporting. It was really an eye opener with respect to changes incorporated by the State Auditor. That led me to enroll in the Annual Reporting Workshop conducted by David Calechman. David was well prepared; he knew the subject in and out and came with data for all of the participant cities. David was very patient and gave a good amount of individual time to each person. I can't thank BIAS enough for their level of professionalism and customer relations skills. I highly recommend BIAS if you are in the market for accounting software."

Mike Bailey
Finance Director
City of Othello

"City of Asotin has been with BIAS since 2007 and I don’t know how we functioned before without it! The program is, without a doubt, the most user-friendly we have ever used. The capabilities that BIAS has are unmatched, especially when it comes to the Annual Report. All of their staff is knowledgeable and the customer support is fabulous! BIAS is A+!"

Ellen Boatman
Clerk Treasurer
City of Asotin

"I just sent in my annual report and I have to thank everyone at your company for all the assistance you have given me. I am so grateful for BIAS. You have made the procedure easier and almost painless. When I call for assistance my questions are answered with patience and clarity. Everything is explained so I can completely understand and continue to perform my job properly. Thank you for a wonderful staff. I appreciate all they do to help my paperwork run smoothly."

Susan West-Mani
Clerk Treasurer
Town of Hamilton

"BIAS is a very user-friendly and thorough program for a small city. It was so easy to get started and the technical support is unbeatable. Wes and Mark are knowledgeable and quick to find a way to make the system work with whatever we come up with; we were even able to print our new logo on our utility bills! Karen is upbeat and friendly and a pleasure to talk to when calling the BIAS office! I can't imagine being able to do my job as efficiently without the BIAS accounting system!"

Kelly Collins
Finance Director
City of Royal City

"I am a BIAS Believer. The City of Leavenworth converted to BIAS in 2007 with a full implementation within 45 days."

Chantell R. Steiner
Finance Director
City of Leavenworth

"The Town of Marcus found the BIAS Accounting System an affordable, easy to use system with great tech support. This system has already paid for itself in terms of Clerk/Treasurer time and accuracy. Our clerk used to spend half of her allotted hours just to do billing and post the general ledger. It not only lightened the load she was burdened with but allows more time to do her other clerk duties without the pressure she felt before. I would recommend this system for any town government but most of all to small Towns such as ours."

Fran Bolt
Town of Marcus