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City of Colfax Chooses BIAS

City of Colfax chooses BIAS Software for Financial, Budgeting,Payroll, Account Payable, Cash Receipting and Utility Billing.

Colfax is grounded in hometown values and agrarian roots, and is the county seat of Whitman County. They are a  full-service government, and work to ensure a high quality of life for their 2,846 residents. To learn more about their city visit!

About BIAS

Located | Spokane, WA.
BIAS Main Applications |  Financial, Budgeting, A/P, Payroll, Time-sheets, Cash Receipting, Animal License, Business License, Permitting, Utility Billing, and more

Serves Over 200 Clients

City & Town
Fire District
Clean Air District
Conservation District
Health District
Homeowners Association
Irrigation District
Library District
Noxious Weed District
Park District
Transportation Benefit District
Transportation District
Water & Sewer District

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